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Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.
Reiki energy healer.
HPD, DSFH, AfSFH (reg.), NBMP (reg.)​
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Fully accredited by leading programs for exceptional psychotherapy and hypnotherapy care.

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Harmony & Healing: A Journey of Renewal

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Unlock your potential with Aija Hypnotherapy. Experience personalized hypnotherapy and Reiki solutions to overcome challenges and achieve holistic well-being

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What My Client Are Saying

I went to Aija for help with panic attacks I suffered when flying which I’ve had for over 15 years. Through her hypnotherapy course around re-writing my thoughts around flying in my subconscious I was then able to take a flight with none of my previous panic attack symptoms. Being able to fly without feeling I was choking or having a heart attack was just amazing and I can’t thank her enough. The subconscious mind really is powerful and Aija was able to harness mine in a way that was positive for me rather than the negative mind set it has been in.

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The subconscious mind really is powerful

Aija has proven it several times in the past. I have felt the magical ‘touch’ on my own skin, and this due to the fact that we live in different places of the world. As I was pregnant, I felt tired and couldn’t focus on things. Aija helped me to find the strength in me. Every session I felt tickling in my forehead and after it I felt like after a good nap. Sometimes I really fell asleep. The meaning of Aija’s Reiki power was tested on a few months old baby with very serious genetical problems. He had to suffer 3 surgical operations with no guarantees. Partly thanks to Aija, now the boy is already 1.5-year-old – happy, fast and healthy little fellow.

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Reiki is something mystical and magical

I saw Aija over a period last Summer for a course of hypnotherapy. Being relatively new to the therapy I wasn't intrigued as to what it could do for me. I mainly wanted to try it for managing anxiety and stress day to day in this chaotic life but also to help adopt healthier lifestyle patterns and leave behind unhealthy negative ways.
From the outset, her passion for her methods came through; having explanations of the pathways involved and how it would help was also so beneficial. I definitely saw a change in my outlook and ways of tackling things in this period and as Aija says it is all about continued work in this area to adopt change which I am currently still working on, months after finishing with her. She was so flexible arranging sessions which was so crucial with a young child in the house.
I couldn't recommend her enough. Her personable approach and soothing manner and ways help to facilitate a really enjoyable and beneficial therapy course.

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Her passion for her methods came through


I had some problems with controlling my cravings and overeating. Therapy sessions with Aija changed not just my relationship with food but also made me feel better about myself and to have more positive approach to life in general. I can also see big changes in my communication with people around me. I come across more approachable and friendly. I focus just on the good things that surrounds me and I feel inspired to motivate other people.


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I extend the convenience of home visits for clients within the local area, ensuring accessibility right at your doorstep. Additionally, I offer the flexibility of online sessions, catering to your needs regardless of location.

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